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Treating bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections

In 1943, Pfizer pioneered the process of deep-tank fermentation and became the first company to mass produce the life-saving penicillin. This drug was delivered to the frontlines of World War II and used to treat over 1,50,000 soldiers wounded in the D-Day landings, and countless others during the war.1,2


In 1928, Scottish researcher Alexander Fleming found mold growing in a petri dish. The mold had produced "yellow juice" that killed the bacteria in the dish. Fleming identified the mold as a type of Penicillium, so he called the juice "penicillin"

Since then, we have discovered and introduced some of the best -known and preferred antimicrobials and maintained our position as one of the leading global antimicrobials company with more than 80 antimicrobial agents used to treat bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.3

In India, our Hospitals team is part of the Innovative Medicines portfolio and is helping to commercialize our global portfolio of sterile injectables and anti-infective medicines. Our large and diverse anti-infectives portfolio extends across the spectrum, from commonly used beta-lactam- beta-lactamase-inhibitors to high-end antibacterial and antifungal products. Our anti-infectives team focuses on providing high quality advanced anti-infectives for use in critical care in hospitals, including for the treatment of invasive fungal and resistant bacterial infections.

Over the years, we have developed a legacy of leadership in anti-infectives, bringing to market advanced antimicrobials to tackle some of the most difficult diseases that impact public health. As we strive to bring newer, more effective antibiotics and antifungals to treat infections, we also lead the fight against anti-microbial resistance (AMR), a phenomenon that is making today’s antimicrobials less effective in treating rapidly evolving pathogens.4


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