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Pfizer Is Being The New For Our Customers And Patients 

Since 1950, we have been focused on bringing together our expertise in science with a human touch of patient-centric care for a truly revolutionary way of working. And digital has been at the core of this journey.

Today, with the rising power and demand for digital, we are progressing on our journey and leveraging the rising role of digital in healthcare.

We are transforming the experience we provide to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), patients, stockists, hospitals, governments, payors and all other stakeholders.

We are changing the way patients learn about ailments through engaging content, which will help them understand care options and connect with relevant doctors. We are looking at leveraging digital to drive increased adherence and real-world evidence generation, thereby enhancing patient outcomes.

Healthcare needs are evolving, science is becoming more complex and digital disruptions are redefining the engagement between pharma, physician and patient. Aligning with these changes, Pfizer is on a journey to transform the customer experience to support its breakthrough science.


  • Creating a curated go-to-market strategy for each business and therapy area
  • Delivering enhanced patient and public health outcomes through redefined roles, capabilities and collaboration
  • Focusing on science and education, in addition to sales, by laying emphasis on educating and providing information rooted in science to help HCPs
  • Focusing on impact-driven interaction, whether virtual or in-person
  • Integrating digital to deliver an optimal omnichannel engagement
  • Using real-time insights from digital tools to better understand and cater to the needs of the HCPs, patients and public health, and deliver personalised experiences
  • Focusing on access and affordability of healthcare solutions for patients
  • Living our Patient Charter-giving a voice to patients and patient groups

We are doing this through our Go-to-market (GTM) transformation strategy
At Pfizer, we are changing how we engage with patients and physicians, and how we work to be more effective and efficient. Our aim is to drive growth with enhanced customer experiences and new breakthrough science.

How are we transforming the way we engage?
Offering new forms of content, more personalised experience and access to experts and on-demand support
Redefining roles, ensuring the right balance of new skills and specialty focus
Launching enhanced digital tools for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), including Pfizer Pro – a portal for HCPs that offers more meaningful customer engagement, one-click self-service, enhanced resources, content curation and easy access

To do this, we will:


As we implement this transformation in our engagement, we need to ensure that we have the right expertise and resources in place. We are in the process of introducing many new jobs across our Market Access, Strategic Accounts, Digital and Medical teams. We also plan to upskill existing resources, partner with others and refresh talent, where needed.

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs): SME roles across teams (Digital, Medical, Healthcare Access, Strategic Accounts, Health Solutions) will play a critical role in better addressing customer and patient needs by:
  • Delivering transformational customer experience and improved quality of information, care and health outcomes leveraging digital
  • Customising Health Solutions to enhance the impact of our medicines and vaccines on patients and society Innovating evidence generation, accelerate access to treatments and personalise medical engagement
  • Enhancing funding partnerships with payors as well as our services related to patient value offerings
  • Transforming our relationship with executive leadership at healthcare institutions to become their trusted business advisor

Our Customer-facing Colleagues (CFCs) will continue to be central to our way of working. Going forward, the role, purpose and designation of our field colleagues will now expand into that of a Healthcare Executive (HCE). They will enhance their strategic relationships with our customers by leveraging their new superpowers - the SMEs.


We aspire to optimise customer journeys and achieve collective advantage through backward and forward integration via partnerships. Our vision is to create new and enhance existing partnerships that will help widen our reach and enhance customer experience.

  • Expanded reach: Enhance customer reach, coverage and service
  • Insights and omnichannel: Interactive, integrated and immersive experience and actionable insights to drive business value. Personalised on-demand content and services
  • Connected health ecosystem: Be the go-to partner/ destination for all patient needs across the care journey
  • Growth acceleration: Personalised sales coach that utilises Artificial Intelligence and behavioral science to send out nudges to health representatives based on their motivators and encourages them to achieve the desired KPIs thereby increasing productivity

As the healthcare system evolves, it is crucial for us to change the way we interact with our customers – primarily by using digital and technology. We are adopting an agile, customised approach by leveraging technology to form a connected healthcare system. Through innovative solutions and platforms, we are ready to lead the new normal in healthcare.
  • SOCIAL 2-WAY COMMUNICATION: Enable 2-way communication and content sharing with customers
  • FIT FOR ROLE: Identify stakeholders and the preferred channel of communication
  • SQUIRE: Improved content search capability
  • TRIAGE: Allows commercial Customer-facing Colleagues (CFCs) to provide seamless reactive hand-off to Medical SMEs
  • GALAXY / PFIZER PRO: One-stop digital destination that provides HCPs with on-demand access to rich scientific content along with tools and resources anytime, anywhere. It will allow HCPs friction-free, 24X7 access to best-in-class clinical expertise
  • VIRTUAL COACHING: Enables managers to join outbound calls to coach during the call or provide feedback after the call
  • VIRTUAL INTERACTIONS: Enhancements to support hybrid working
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