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At Pfizer, we innovate every day to make India, and the world, a healthier place. We have kept the momentum going for seven decades by putting our patients at the centre of everything we do.

To emphasise Pfizer’s commitment to patient centricity, we have launched a Patient Charter for India. It lists down our promises—to Listen, Act and Empower.

We seek patients’ insights, which are now an integral part of our operational strategy. By including their feedback into the design and outcome of our go-to market plans, we respect and adopt industry standards on patient privacy.


After integrating the patients’ feedback, we accelerate the delivery of our innovative therapies to patients in India. Creating innovative access models and payer partnership enhances access to our therapies. We also develop services beyond therapy to holistically support patients throughout their treatment journey.

We elevate our support by partnering with patient organisations. By educating such groups on all aspects of health, we also connect with patients by creating digital platforms to enhance peer engagements.


We envision a future where disease doesn’t win, but science does. A future where every patient, regardless of where they live, will have access to breakthroughs that change lives.

We focus on creative, scalable, and sustainable solutions that address key public health challenges and seek to remove barriers that prevent access to quality healthcare. We partner closely with governments, leading physicians, health experts, patients, and their advocates to address their greatest needs and, in the process, change the lives of people living in India.

We have made strong efforts to increase patients’ affordability and open access for a segment of the population that otherwise would not be able to benefit from innovative medicines. Our goal is to ensure that patients, regardless of ability to pay, can continue treatment for as long as needed, as determined by their health care provider.

Pfizer Patient Access Programmes (PAP) in India are not just about drugs but are an intrinsic part of Pfizer’s patient-centric model of enabling access to our therapies. Through these programmes, we …

  • Make it possible for larger number of patients in India to access innovative medicines.

  • Recognise the different socio-economic categories of patients.

  • Offer eligible patients either a differential PAP subsidy, or full drug subsidy based on their financial ability with an option of flexible payments to manage their therapy costs better.

Currently, 11 PAPs cover various Pfizer India therapies, which have touched the lives of over 15,000 patients. Through these initiatives, we are committed to quality healthcare for everyone.

Because, for Pfizer, every patient matters.

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